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Alternative political forces should be united: Former PM Bhattarai

Kathmandu: Leaders of various political parties have emphasized that alternative political forces should move forward with unity.

On the occasion of the founding day of Nepal Samajbadi Party here today, the leaders of the various political parties present in the event emphasized that the new forces should be united on the basis of ideology and agenda based on the ‘relevancy and potential of alternative politics’.

Chairperson of Nepal Samajbadi Party and former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai stressed that all political parties should unite in the journey of development and economic prosperity of the country while strengthening the federal democratic republic.

He said that the alternative new force is the demand of the time and circumstance. He mentioned that his party’s resolution is to have a directly elected executive president and a fully proportional but directly elected legislature for democratic stability.

Bhattarai was of the view that an action plan for prosperity should be developed with the
four dimensions of rapid economic growth, equitable distribution, environmental sustainability and human happiness.

Similarly, President of Janamat Party Dr Chandra Kant (CK) Raut said that the new forces should be united and move ahead through street struggle. He was of the view that ideologically, Janamat Party and Nepal Samajwadi Party have the same issues, so they can cooperate in the future.

President of Aam Janata Party Prabhu Sah said that forward-thinking political forces should be united and active in the interest of the people.

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