There have been many deliveries in three months: PM Dahal

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said that his government was successful in kindling hope among the public by delivering on important works in the first three months of his leadership.

Addressing the central committee meeting of All Nepal Women Association (Revolutionary) at CPN (Maoist Centre)’s central office at Perisdanda in Kathmandu today, PM Dahal asserted that important works were performed by the incumbent government in the past three months to put an end to anomalies and set the system.

Elaborating on the deliveries during his leadership, he shared that facilitation in monetary policy to addressing the private sector’s problems, reforms in revenue and remittance collection and increase in foreign currency reserve among others were major accomplishments.

According to him, long queues in the public offices such as passport offices, driving license offices and labour permit issuance offices were no more the case at present due to effective service delivery.

PM Dahal spoke of the need to duly acknowledge these outputs of the government and disseminate to the public.

Furthermore, the Head of the State added, “Important works have been accomplished for good-governance and prosperity. Formulation of laws has made headway.”

He described, “The government was formed out of an equation. While seeking national consensus, we failed to achieve one. Situation demanded that we forge another collation. Because of this, I understand that many works were pushed to back burner. The incumbent government will pick a pace after the expansion of the cabinet today.”

On a different note, he noted that many epoch-making changes were heralded in the country due to the bravery and scarifies of women in revolutionary movements in the country. “The establishment of federal democratic republic system was achieved and the constitution establishes women rights to a new height.”

He viewed, “The world politics is in new polarization and it has global impact. It is necessary to correctly understand the changes in the world order following the Russia-Ukraine war and we need a national policy accordingly.”

In the meeting, Amrita Thapa, President of the All Nepal Women’s Association (Revolutionary), briefed PM Dahal, also Chairperson of the CPN (Maoist Centre) about the current status of the organization and works to be undertaken by the organization in coming days.

Source: National News Agency Nepal