KMC arranges 374 beds for helpless at 52 hospitals

Kathmandu: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has arranged 374 beds at 52 hospitals for the free treatment of helpless and poor people.

The private hospitals are obliged to allocate minimum 10 percent beds and free treatment to the helpless and indigent people as per KMC’s edict.

Public health inspector at health department of KMC, Dhanendra Shrestha, informed that, so far, 70 patients benefitted from the scheme launched last February. Most of those receiving the service are from out of the capital city.

After the private hospitals flouted legal provisions, the KMC introduced a free treatment work procedure, 2080 and brought to strict implementation.

The KMC has also managed a system where the availability of beds, treatment services and other schemes at private hospitals can be checked online. Some of such indigent patients were discharged after treatment while some still undergoing treatment.

Shrestha further informed that most of such patients are suffering from ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems,
and kidney disease, while some had respiratory and eye problems.

A hotline 1180 of KMC could be dialed to receive information about the treatment or for the service.

Source: National News Agency RSS

Let’s ensure sustainable and clean environment for present and future generations, says PM Dahal

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has urged all to work to minimize the effects of climate change and ensure a sustainable and clean environment for the present and future generations.

In a message today on the occasion of World Environment Day, he has said that the government has implemented policies and programs to maintain environmental balance and sustainability by adopting the principles of scientific management and utilization of land based on productivity and adopting the principle of environmental sustainable development.

“The government is active to ensure Nepal’s rights to climate damage by implementing the issues and commitments made by Nepal in various international forums”, he has said in the message.

Pointing out the need to give priority to sustainable development, environment-friendly and green development and prosperity in policies and programs at all three levels of government, Prime Minister Dahal has called upon concerned bodies, organizations and citizens at larg
e to join the national campaign as the World Environment Day is being celebrated nationwide with the national slogan ‘Our Land: Our Future’.

Source: National News Agency RSS

Work to realize common goal of environmental protection, says President Paudel

Kathmandu: President Ramchandra Paudel has said that the notion of sustainable development should inspire us all to move towards the common goal of environmental protection.

In a message of greetings on the occasion of World Environment Day, 2024, today, he has said that the national forest, environment and climate change related policies adopted by Nepal for environmental protection have achieved remarkable achievements in the field of forests and environment.

Stating the unorganized and unscientific use of plastic polymer produced as an example of the latest development of science has become a major environmental challenge of the present time, he has said that development and environment should not be competitors but complementary to one another.

“I believe that today’s day will provide more enthusiasm for Nepal to enforce the commitments made in various international forums to reduce the impact of air, water and land pollution”, President Paudel said in the message while expecting all Nepali sisters and
brothers to work together to promote environmental improvement activities.

President Paudel has mentioned today is a day for everyone to take a pledge to improve the environment around their homes and make the ecological relationship of forests, water, plants, agriculture and animals life-oriented to thereby realize the constitutional right to live in a clean environment.

At the called of the United Nations, June 5 every year is celebrated as the World Environment Day.

Source: National News Agency RSS

Eight-point declaration for promoting mother language journalism

Kathmandu: The first international mother language journalism conference has concluded by endorsing an eight-point declaration for shared solidarity and collaboration among South Asian journalists.

The two-day conference, first held in Lalitpur on June 1 and second in Bhaktapur on June 2 adopted the declaration.

The declaration was signed by central chairperson of Newa Journalist National Dabu Nripendra Lal Shrestha, central chairperson of Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Journalists Gajurdhan Rai, central chairperson of SAARC Journalists Forum Raju Lama, general-secretary of SAARC Journalists Forum MD Abdul Raheman, Forum’s Indian Chapter Chairperson Sudhamshu Aniruddha and Bhutan Journalist Association’s Kinle Dim.

In 1982 BS (Nepal Sambat 1045), Dharmaditya Dharmacharya (Jagatman Vaidya), a resident of Patan, published a magazine continuously for five years from Calcutta, India. The magazine was closed after being published for 19 issues.

The conference has been organized as part of the Centenary Year
of Mother Language Journalism in the context of 100 years of the history of Journalism of Nepal Bhasa. Newa: Rastriya Dabu organized the conference in collaboration with SAARC Journalists Forum and Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Journalists of Nepal (FONIJ).

On the first day of the conference, a panel discussion was held among the journalists of South Asia on the way forward for the trend of mother language journalism in Nepal, the status of mother tongue journalism in the world and what the government should do for the development of mother tongue journalism on the second day.

Senior journalists Pushkar Bhakta Mathema, Surajbir Bajracharya, Sahyog Ranjit and Srijana Newa presented working papers on Nepal bhasa journalism, Dharmaditya Dharmacharya and mother tongue journalism.

Similarly, a working paper on community radio in India, India mother tongue journalism was presented. Nripendra Lal Shrestha, president of Rastriya Dabu, said that the declaration has been prepared by incorporating the discus
sions held on the issues raised in the inaugural session and the concluding session.

According to the declaration, mother tongue journalism day, which is celebrated every year on the day before Buddha Jayanti, will be further widened. According to the declaration, the medium of mother tongue journalism will be made an effective and powerful medium to protect the knowledge, skills and technology that have been collected by the speakers of different languages for generations.

Expressing solidarity with the right to freedom of expression and to inform the diverse languages, majority castes and communities through their respective mother tongues, the declaration states that the journalism of mother tongue will be promoted through the medium of harmony among the South Asian countries and the people.

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Monsoon response team to be deployed round the clock

Kathmandu: The Armed Police Force, Nepal has formed a trained and dedicated monsoon response team which will be deployed round the clock to work in disaster management.

There will be a platoon in a brigade and a minus platoon in a company under the command of the senior officer to carry out immediate rescue works for those affected from flood, landslide, inundation and other disasters.

Assistant Spokesperson of APF, Nepal Shailendra Thapa said that well-equipped monsoon response teams were formed in the AFP, Nepal units.

There are altogether 50 such teams in all brigades and they are deployed for risk reduction and awareness raising in the field.

Such dedicated response teams would work in coordination and cooperation with the entire stakeholders including the disaster management committee and other agencies.

Likewise, heavy equipment, disaster relief system containers and mass causality vehicles have been kept in the ready status, it is said.

Source: National News Agency RSS

ICC T-20 World Cup Cricket: Nepal 21/2 in 4 overs

Kathmandu: Nepal has lost two wickets in the third over after being put into bat first by the Netherlands in the match underway under the ICC T-20 Men’s World Cup cricket tournament.

The Netherlands won the toss and elected to field first at the Grand Prairie Stadium in Dallas, USA.

Nepal lost both its openers, Kushal Bhurtel 7 (10) and Aasif Sheikh 4 (8) in the third over. Nepal was batting at 21 runs for 2 wickets at the end of 4 overs, with capital Rohit Poudel and Anil Shah at the crease.

This is the second participation of Nepal in the T-20 World Cup cricket. Nepal had previously played T-20 World Cup cricket for the first time in 2014.

The Nepali team eleven comprises Kushal Bhurtel, Aasif Sheikh, Anil Kumar Shah, Kushal Malla, Rohit Kumar Poudel (captain), Dipendra Singh Airi, Gulsan Jha, Sompal Kami, Karan KC, Abhinas Bohara and Sagar Dhakal.

A total of 20 countries are participating in the T20 World Cup being held in the US and the West Indies. Nepal is in Group D along with the Netherlands, Sou
th Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Source: National News Agency RSS

Study report on Bandwidth Platform submitted to Communications Minister

Kathmandu: The committee formed to carry out a study on the feasibility of Bandwidth Platform (International Internet Gateway) in Nepal has submitted its report to Minister of Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma.

While receiving the report on Tuesday, Minister Sharma said that although the management of international bandwidth was important for Nepal a study was carried out as there was absence of it. “On the basis of the recommendations given by the committee through the report, the necessary work will be carried forward to advance the process for the work that can be done immediately and to implement the law,” Minister Sharma said.

The committee was formed by the Ministry under the coordination of Joint Secretary Gaurav Giri.

The committee has made various recommendations including that it is difficult to create a competitive environment in the sector because the same person/institution obtains the license of both as network service provider and internet service providers as per the Te
lecommunications Act, 2053 and Regulations, 2054 BS.

Source: National News Agency RSS

Concert held in US to collect funds for Lalitpur Orphanage

Kathmandu: A total of Rs. 724,485 has been collected and donated to Tulsalaya Orphanage in Lalitpur following a fund raising event in the USA.

At a program organized here Tuesday, Nepali Women’s World Network in California, Los Angeles Chapter, president Sapana Sedhain Thapaliya handed over the cheque to Tulsalaya president Saru Subedi.

The California-based network organized a Nepali music concert and collected funds for dependent children, senior citizens and mentally ill people taking shelter in the orphanage.

There are currently 52 dependents including 35 children, senior citizens, and people suffering from mental illness in the orphanage.

Source: National News Agency RSS